The Artists


Peter Bisson - Producer

Pete is a Midwest born film-maker with over a decade of experience working in Hollywood as an independent producer, writer, actor and stuntman. He is a managing partner for the newly formed Take Out Artists studios with offices in Los Angeles and Minneapolis. During his tenure in Los Angeles he worked with ABC, Touchstone Pictures, Warner Brothers, Carousel Television, Carnival Films, Larry Levinson Productions and TMB Creative to name a few.

With a BA in Marketing, Communication and Film he is as well rounded as they come in the industry. In addition to his primary roles, throughout his career he’s worked in film marketing and sales, as a cameraman, lighting designer, grip, 1st A.C., fight choreographer, stunt coordinator, voice actor, photographer, web designer, editor and documentarian. To round things out, he has a M.S. in Kinesiology and Sport Psychology and works with athletes at the high school and collegiate level as a mentor, teacher and coach. He is passionate about each and every film project he takes on and believes filmmaking should be both impactful and profitable.

“We make movies we would want to see. They should entertain us, inspire us and be profitable enough so we can do it again.”


James Greilick – Producer

James, currently based in Los Angeles, is an independent film-maker who has co-produced over 7 feature films in the past 9 years, including Rust, 25 Hill, 3 Day Test, and In-Lawfully Yours.  After graduating from Columbia College Chicago, with a BFA in Film Production, James moved to Los Angeles where he began his career with Home Theater Films helmed by Corbin Bernsen. 

Throughout his experience in overseeing the film production process, James has excelled in managing multiple projects to ensure quality and targeted deadlines, and continues bringing those qualities to Take Out Artists as a managing partner. He is blessed with a wonderful family and thoroughly enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters who have him wrapped around their tiny little fingers.


Take Out Artists originally started out as the L.A. based writing team of Peter Bisson, Jason Medburry and Mike Korich, back in 2006.
We realized pretty quickly that individually, we were all pretty decent writers, but when we collaborated, we were simply electric. Our unique backgrounds and our ability to bring out the best (and sometimes the worst) in us, really leaps off the page. Every Tuesday night we would order take out, catch up, review what we had each written during the week and then hammer away at whatever the current projects were.

Lately, our schedules have required us to get a bit more creative. Still, no matter where life takes us, we manage to find ways to continue to write together. We even managed to finished our Award winning creature feature, "Croak", while collaborating over skype and e-mail. With several scripts ready to go, a dozen more in development and a solid plan to produce them, we're looking forward to creating even more content for us all to enjoy. Check out our featured article in Inktip Magazine, June 2012, to get a little insight into the crazy way our minds work.

"Eat, fight, write, fight, write."

TBD Stunts

Having worked in the stunt industry for over a decade. Peter Bisson has been fortunate to work and play with the best the world has to offer. TBD Stunts is a team of stunt professionals working in all levels of film, television and live shows. The team includes coordinators, fight choreographers, utility stunts, drivers, divers, martial artists and more. All currently working all over the world, including doubling some of the biggest names in Hollywood (Hugh Jackman, Jake Gylenhaal, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Carrel...) Chances are, if you've seen a blocbuster this year, you've seen them in action.

Film Crew & Post Production

If you need a full crew, are having trouble finding those last few pieces to start production or are just looking for options, shoot us an e-mail. If we don't have the crew you need available, we'll reach out to our contacts in Los Angeles and Minneapolis to help you secure the professional crew you need. If you're in need of an editor or top notch special effects, we can help you there too. Some of our contacts have worked as independent contractors for movies like "Star Wars: Episode VII", "Warcraft" and "Batman vs. Superman".